Lending Arrangements

We appreciate that this is a time when everyone is considering what adjustments they should make to address concerns over resilience and, with that in mind, the DMO have decided to introduce an email based model for applications for PWLB loans.

To safeguard our operational resilience the DMO is introducing some temporary changes to how local authorities can transact with the PWLB lending facility.

With effect from 18 March 2020, applications for PWLB loans must be made by completing the PWLB electronic template and sending it to the DMO by email.

The template must be completed by an authorised dealer from the names previously notified to the DMO (BOU Team) and sent from an authorised email address.
Non-compliant templates will be rejected.

Completed templates must be emailed to pwlb@dmo.gov.uk.  Normal business hours will continue to apply (i.e. 9.30am to 4.15pm) and only correctly completed email applications received by the DMO between these hours will be accepted.

Furthermore, amendments to existing authorisations using the local authority authorisations form or direct debit changes can be emailed to the team using the same email address.  We will confirm the status of your request within 72 hours.

The current terms and conditions contained in Operational Circular 161 still apply.

All PWLB related queries should be directed to the DMO using the above email address.

Information regarding concessionary rates is available on the Concessionary Rates page.

Operational Arrangements

Standing instructions must be in place prior to any borrowing.

Major authorities - for example metropolitan, borough, county, city and combined authorities

New counterparties - please contact pwlb@dmo.gov.uk to discuss your requirements

Existing Major Authorities may amend their standing instructions by completing the Local Authority Authorisations form.  Once completed, the form must be emailed to pwlb@dmo.gov.uk.

Minor Authorities - for example parish, town councils and community councils and drainage boards

Please refer to Parish Councils and Drainage Boards for further information on applying.

An estimate of repayment costs is available on the Estimated Repayment Costs page.

Please consult the FAQ document for any additional information.